2019 Trends for Catering

The sentiment more than ever this year is couples not only want to wow the crowd with innovative eats and a personal menu, but they want to make the entire meal an experience in and itself.

Global Fusion

Plant Based

Couples are looking for more interaction and more conversation and more engagement amongst their guests. Dinner is a chance to bring friends and loved ones around the table to truly share the experience. We have seen a shift towards more conversational seating and service styles. Couples are asking for family style seating like farm style and rustic to bring guests closer and build a buzz of conversation. These dinners are ideal for the ever-popular farm to table menu or showcasing the traditional dishes of each family’s home country. We are excited to see the bridal couples come together each with their own rich culinary traditions or even their favorite ethnic style of food and have them play out in the design of the menu.

For lovers of all things green, plant-based foods are causing a stir. The veganism trend is now in full swing and blooming globally, even finding a niche market in some major fast food chains like A&W. Design by Desire Catering has always considered dietary request and even trends. We have incorporated Gluten free sauces and dressings for the past four years avoiding making a separate dish for those guests who have an aversion to wheat products. In the last year we have included vegan dishes as part of the sides that have been overwhelming received and sometimes the favorite dish of the night. By incorporating them already into the menu it saves any couple from having to worry about the 10% of guests that have any dietary concern.


When eating is a state of mind it’s worth mentioning that this year has forced a lot of us to look beyond our plates and once again its about health and environmental sustainability. Food waste is a big concern and one that is rising rapidly, indication a growth awareness about food values. Responsible sourcing is one of Design by Desire Catering big initiative and always has been. Knowing where the ingredients on your plate come form make a bi difference nowadays. Customers are starting to want the knowledge of the carrots being eaten, its producer, the community and local economy seen as a pivotal part of the eating experience. People are giving greater thought to supporting the protection of both plants and animals and the welfare of farmed and wild species. Avoiding contribution to climate change and damaging or wasting natural resources.


This is not a trend anymore, it’s here for good. Instagram has contributed a food revolution with the mobile app shining a spotlight on the food, its styling and design. Colors and visuals have always played and important factor to our catering food. As our Chefs would say you eat with your eyes. So, it not only has to taste great but visually it must look beautiful. Check out our Instagram: www.instagram.com/designbydesirecatering