Allow Design by Desire to Design a versatile Heavy Appetizer Menu for your Next Event

Let us Create the Appetizer Menu for Your Next Event…

Can’t decide between a chicken skewer or pulled pork tacos? Have both!

A heavy appetizer menu allows room for an assortment of culinary delights. If there are guests attending your event that have specific dietary requirements or diverse taste, a heavy appetizer party is always a crowd pleaser. What a better way to incorporate options for all your guests by having some Vegan or Vegetarian options that they too can enjoy.

Heavier appetizers menus are great for both large and small parties. These menus add flexibility and diverse. Since the menu is all finger foods it’s a good way to keep your guests mingling. Heavy appetizer parties are perfect for the after-work get-together, birthday parties, weddings, wine or beer tastings and any event that calls for something new.

Most People hope it will be less expensive format then a buffet reception?

You may need less decorations such as table linens, chairs & tables. The format is not necessarily less expensive than a buffet dinner where the pricing for the food is concerned. Guests will still eat a dinner portion of food throughout the evening, it is just served in different ways and usually over a long period of time then a more traditional dinner reception. So YES a dinner quantity of food is still required for all guests. This kind of menu can sometimes be more expensive to create all the smaller items that are needed for hor’dourves and food bars because there is more variety, more ingredients and more labor involved. But Design by Desire Catering has created some of these menu options for many weddings and other events in this most recent year and it has always turned out great in fact the clients were very happy with the direction they decided to take. No regrets.