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Design by Desire has 3 Steps for a Corporate Catering

Set a Schedule When planning a corporate event there are a lot of variables you will need to consider. One important variable is sticking to the schedule you have created for the event. Whether it is a client appreciation event, an open house to the public, or an exclusive staff party, keeping to your schedule is key. Most guests will have other priorities to get to. Some may have worked all day and are just stopping by to show their support. Others may have families at home that they have to get to.  A few might be there for the

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Don’t plan your rehearsal dinner. Let Design by Desire do it for you…

Rehearsal Dinners A rehearsal dinner is becoming more of a celebration in it’s own right. It is a great opportunity for your two families to spend time together before the wedding day in a not so hectic setting. Take advantage of Design by Desire Catering great rehearsal dinner packages and let us cater your dinner. Set the Tone with your Rehearsal Dinner Find a relaxed environment, let us bring in all the food. We think the style should be a family style . Simple, but elegant and GREAT FOOD! The ultimate goal for us is relieve some pre-wedding tension and make

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Design by Desire Loves Tofino

As owners of Design by Desire Catering we have to share with you our first trip to Tofino. I was 8 month pregnant with my first child. Marcel had decided that he would like to take one last trip together before we had our baby, and he knew that I had never gone to Tofino before and really wanted me to see it.  He had so many memories of when he was in his 20’s that I think, he wanted me to experience it too! Although I am a far cry from my 20”s at this point…Let’s just say early 30’s. So

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Private Event Catering

Before planning your next private event, contact the private event catering team at Design by Desire catering. Our full-service private event catering options are ideal for weddings, corporate events, home functions and more. By hiring Design by Desire to assist with your private event catering, you will be able to spend more time with your guests while impressing them with local, delicious food. As a full-service catering company, Design by Desire is more than just food catering. We offer plenty of private event catering options including bar and dessert catering, service staff, cutlery and party rentals. Private event catering allows

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