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Design by Desire Catering with Valentine Advice

With Valentine’s Day approaching Design by Desire wants to know what your choice of drink says about you. We thought it would be fun and perhaps educational to list and decode some of the signals. After years of going out you start to deduce the way a night will go based on drinks ordered. So here is our guide to decoding your date or a night of fun when your planning your own Valentine’s Day Celebration. Red Wine: A traditional, seductive choice. If you order for your date, make sure you know what your doing. Don’t try and swirl and

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Design by Desire Catering has some uses for the Forgotten Vegetables

Way back when I can remember we always grew up with a garden. My parents were always introducing  new vegetables then the norm whenever my Mom decided to try out new seeds. We’ve been conditioned over the years to always buy what is the normal, beans, corn, potatoes, peas carrots I could go on…. but now a days you walk through a grocery or a market and we are surrounded by the forgotten vegetables or what Design by Desire Catering would like to think are heirloom vegetable plants. I think they have become neglected or fallen out of favor for

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Turmeric referred to as “Indian saffron” in medieval England, turmeric wasn’t understood or valued for a long time. People used it as natural food dye instead of as the unbelievable healing agent it really is. With a peppery, warm and bitter flavor, the mild fragrance of turmeric resembles orange and ginger, which makes it a national favorite in curry dishes dating back centuries. Today, it’s widely used in yellow mustard and as a natural health supplement. Next to essential oils, few natural remedies have reached mainstream use like turmeric has these past few years. Interestingly enough, you would think us North Americans would catch on

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Organic Wild Mushroom, Fall Root Chicken Pot Pie

Filling: 16 oz of skinless boneless, organic chicken breast meat cut into 1 inch dice 15 ml grape seed oil 30 ml garlic minced 30 ml of organic butter 125 ml small-diced yellow onion 125 ml small-diced organic carrot 125 ml small diced organic turnip 75 ml chopped organic leeks 750 ml  assorted wild mushrooms (shiitake mushrooms, brown crimini mushrooms or button mushrooms) chopped 70 ml whole wheat flour 450 ml chicken stock (you can use store bought or homemade) 10 ml organic thyme, chopped 15 ml, fresh organic flat leaf parsley, chopped 15 white wine vinegar 70 ml light

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