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Allow Design by Desire to Design a versatile Heavy Appetizer Menu for your Next Event

Let us Create the Appetizer Menu for Your Next Event… Can’t decide between a chicken skewer or pulled pork tacos? Have both! A heavy appetizer menu allows room for an assortment of culinary delights. If there are guests attending your event that have specific dietary requirements or diverse taste, a heavy appetizer party is always a crowd pleaser. What a better way to incorporate options for all your guests by having some Vegan or Vegetarian options that they too can enjoy. Heavier appetizers menus are great for both large and small parties. These menus add flexibility and diverse. Since the

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Design by Desire Catering with Valentine Advice

With Valentine’s Day approaching Design by Desire wants to know what your choice of drink says about you. We thought it would be fun and perhaps educational to list and decode some of the signals. After years of going out you start to deduce the way a night will go based on drinks ordered. So here is our guide to decoding your date or a night of fun when your planning your own Valentine’s Day Celebration. Red Wine: A traditional, seductive choice. If you order for your date, make sure you know what your doing. Don’t try and swirl and

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Design by Desire has 3 Steps for a Corporate Catering

Set a Schedule When planning a corporate event there are a lot of variables you will need to consider. One important variable is sticking to the schedule you have created for the event. Whether it is a client appreciation event, an open house to the public, or an exclusive staff party, keeping to your schedule is key. Most guests will have other priorities to get to. Some may have worked all day and are just stopping by to show their support. Others may have families at home that they have to get to.  A few might be there for the

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Everyone needs a Great Graduation Caterer

The Prom or Graduation is a very important night to every high school student. It’s a night to celebrate the four years of hard work and to celebrate the next step in there life. To help make the night and graduation reception be even more mememorable hire Design by Desire Catering  for your graduation caterer. We have all kinds of great food menu packages that will work for any high school graduation throughout the Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver. We understand that you have a budget to work with and we can be respectful of that budget at the same time

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