Design by Desire has 3 Steps for a Corporate Catering

Set a Schedule

When planning a corporate event there are a lot of variables you will need to consider. One important variable is sticking to the schedule you have created for the event. Whether it is a client appreciation event, an open house to the public, or an exclusive staff party, keeping to your schedule is key. Most guests will have other priorities to get to. Some may have worked all day and are just stopping by to show their support. Others may have families at home that they have to get to.  A few might be there for the open bar and it’s their one night out to cut loose. Either way guests attend corporate event with a purpose.

Choose the Perfect Food

There are 3 key points you must consider while choosing your food selection.

Are items easy to eat? Can you mingle and nibble at the same time in a way that does not have BBQ sauce dripping down your clean pressed shirt? Your guests will be grateful if you choose items  that are simple and delicious without the chance of a mess on your shirt.

Do you have Gluten Free and Vegan options? These days you can almost count on having one GF/Vegan out of every 10 guests you invite.  Having these options will ensure all your guests can try the delicious food you have graciously put out for them.

Do your selections match the theme? Now this is not always the case or necessary, but it will give your guests something to remember. For example if your corporate event is near the water or on a boat would it not make sense to do seafood inspired menu that fits the theme. How about incorporating your company logo colors within the food?

Arrange the Perfect Services

When you choose Design by Desire Catering as your corporate caterers you are selecting the services and team of corporate event catering professionals and event planners. We offer a range of corporate catering services from all over the Fraser Valley into Vancouver.

We can assist in finding a perfect venue for your event, and ensuring that we help with logistics of your guests having a comfortable experience from the time they enter the event to the time they leave.

From company BBQ’s to picnics to formal galas and holiday parties, catering corporate events can range greatly in size and theme and the guest list often included people with widely different tastes and interests. Catering the perfect blend of food, services, and entertainment for catering corporate events is a challenge that excites us. The best part is the ability to enjoy your event just as much as your guests, that’s why Design by Desire Catering does all the work so that you can be a guest at your own party.

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