Don’t cheap out…Get the right wedding food budget

As a cater we get all kinds of requests. I have to say that there are a lot of people out there who are fishing around for caterers and have no idea of what things cost or that a catering company is there to provid a service.  Along with great service and great food comes a price. I’m not saying that we are unreasonable but I often encounter clients who are looking for everything…a great dinner with more then one option, all the sides, a dessert package with coffee and tea and more! So when I quote them around $34 to $36 a person for all that… they often tell me they can’t afford that or it’s right out of their price range and budget. When I ask them about their budget I often hear unrealistic prices per person. Well  they are not interested in what I can do for that price. If you only have $20.00 per person for your wedding budget then unfortunately your going to get what you pay for.

Turn your thoughts to dining in a restaurant and asking for a glass of wine, a steak entree and then having dessert and a coffee, what would that cost you $38 to $40. This doesn’t even include a tip or an appetizer yet. And yet there are people out there requesting the moon and back for $19 or $20 dollars per person.  When you break down a wedding budget in term of where your money should be spent all experts will tell you that 40% of your wedding budget should go towards your dinner. All I can say if some cater is out there is giving you a deal of $20.00 per person, then your have to ask yourself or wonder what you are going to get in terms of quality food and what level of service will you receive on one of the most important and memorable experience of your life… Isn’t the saying”you get what you paid for”.

Catering companies are there to provide a service. Design by Desire Catering tailor’s your food to your liking and tastes. We make everything from scratch, we try and use as much local purveyors that we can. We have trained members of the team come into your venue or your private home and we bring everything needed to serve you and your guests a quality dinner and  provide great service. We then clean up everything afterwards so you are left to be a guest at your own party. The service is not free I’ll remind you that it costs money,  but for the most part it’s more economical then going to a restaurant. Ask yourself, what do you want every guest to leave your event saying…”That they had a memorable experience”. Your food and service is always going to be a big part of making that memorable.