The Importance of Dietary Options

Gluten FreeAs a company dedicated to providing premium catering services throughout the Lower Mainland and Greater Vancouver area, Design by Desire understands the importance of dietary options, allergies and specific menu preferences for clients. Our aim has always been to accommodate any specific dietary preferences upon request without sacrificing the client experience. Whether you are hosting a buffet dinner, plated dinner or holiday party, it is important to consider the specific dietary requirements of your guests. Before you book a catering company for your next event, be sure to consider the following items.

Ask your guests to disclose any dietary, allergy and menu preferences

Dairy-FreeIt is impossible to cater to the specific dietary preferences of guests without first becoming mindful of them. Depending on the size of the catered event, contacting each guest individually to request their specific menu preferences may appear intimidating at first. To simplify this process, Design by Desire recommends providing guests with upfront details of the menu in the invitation. Within the invitation, it is also best to include a small section asking that guests disclose any dietary, allergy and menu preferences so that they can be accommodated accordingly. If it is a smaller event, a simple email can be sent out asking guests to disclose any specific dietary preferences.

Choose a catering service that can accommodate these preferences

Any good catering company should be willing and able to accommodate specific dietary, allergy and menu preferences. The importance of dietary options is extremely relevant in today’s world and any catering company unwilling to entertain these options would significantly diminish its potential customer base. The culinary team at Design by Desire creates all menu items in its kitchen and welcomes any dietary, allergy and specific menu preferences.

Communicate any specific preferences with the catering company at the beginning

Spices in spoonsOnce you have selected a catering company that can accommodate your guest’s allergy and dietary restrictions, it is important to communicate these preferences to the catering company early on. This communication is important in advance so that the catering company can purchase and plan for any specific ingredients ahead of time. Design by Desire catering appreciates the importance of dietary options and, with proper communication, can ensure that all of your guest’s preferences are met.

If you would like to learn more about the importance of dietary options and how Design by Desire catering can incorporate specific dietary options into its menus, please contact us by phone at 604-855-1293 or through our website. We create all menu items in our kitchen and are happy to accommodate any allergies, dietary and menu preferences you may have including gluten-free and celiac catering options. We offer catering services throughout the Lower Mainland and Greater Vancouver area. Stay up-to-date with the latest from Design by Desire by following us on Facebook.