Sleigh your Corporate Holiday party

The holidays are a time of good cheer, great friends. and delicious food. A lot of hard work goes into planning the perfect Corporate Holiday Party.

Holiday Party Prep

We have been making holiday bright for 15 years. So when you work with us you can expect food which always shines and an engaging staff dedicated to making your guest happy. Why? Because at Design by Desire Catering we know Food! We know Events! We know Holidays!

Let our innovation culinary team help you choose  a fun theme, craft a personal menu and infuse holiday cheer and magic into your event.

Company Holiday parties are memorable and a magical event when bringing employees together. When planning a unforgettable holiday party for team, there are many things to consider during the planning process.

First each and every detail can make all the difference between a dull or dazzling event. Its never to early to pick a date and book your holiday venue and caterer. It may seem like you have lots of time but booking in advance can take the pressure out of not knowing where you’ll be hosting everyone.

Once you have your location locked in the menu planning comes next.

Menu Planning & Selection

We were voted Surrey & Langley Best Consumer Cater, because it is more than just food to us. From creative themes and unique menus and top service qualities we’ve got you covered. When it comes to feeding your guests and choosing what to feed them, there are a few ways to consider based on your vision and perhaps your budget.

Plated meals can be more elegant then everyone standing in a line and serving themselves, but this can be more costley with extra servers and chefs to produce the plated food individually for every guest. Where as a buffet takes less service labor to still produce a beautiful display of food and remember we can think outside that box for you in having a menu that is nothing anyone is expectating in flavour and unquiness.

Having a cocktail reception can keep the party going without the formal sit down atmosphere. Having passed hor d’oeuvres can keep everyone mingling and socializing while still getting food. We can also tailor this food to be more for replacing dinner with heavier items and some fun food to interact with as well as fitting into your theme or vision for the party.

Serving a Bar

For years now organizations have been limiting the volume of alcohol at the holiday party event for a variety of reasons, including strategically controlling the budget and giving greater focus to the message of the event.

Still, most employees don’t want to attend a company event that doesn’t feature some form of alcoholic beverage. For this reason, you want to narrow your booze selection or even create cheap signature cocktails to reduce costs and keep intoxication levels down.

You might also consider limiting the selection to only wine, closing the bar early, and offering drinks only during the meal to help cut costs further and limit the amount employees are drinking while representing the company at your event.