The Demand for Plant Based Products

DBD Catering understands more than ever that there is a demand for vegan or plant based products. Not only in your everyday meal planning but also for catering. The one concern clients have is there a vegetarian option or vegan options on the menu for my guests? With the demand from our guests through the past 3 years DBD Catering has moved to making all our recipes gluten free. In this last year we have focused moving towards dairy free and plant based making more choices for our vegan guests.

We have heard you loud and clear and we our continuing to re-write and test new products to get it right for you.  

Did you know the increasing option to adopt meat free options to your diet has raised awareness making people rethink their choices?  People are discovering more about the foods they eat and the impact on their health, this growth is not surprising, after all, what better way to nourish your body than with plant based food.

Personal Journey to Plant Based Diet

About 8 months ago I decided to jump into that vegan world after months of researching and soul searching a plant based diet, I soon discovered there was NOT a lot of products out there to support you in this quest to eat all plant based. Yes, there are products and even more now then 8 months ago when I started this journey. However, the products are all meatless variations, then you must come up with how to cook it, marinate it or sauce it. Doing that just doesn’t come readily to everyone.

There are a ton of new vegan cookbooks, there are blogs and recipes that you can search and find that give you all kinds of information on “what to eat”, “how to eat” and “what to substitute”. What about those people that sometimes need a quicker solution then making everything from scratch.

I’ve bought all the books “Oh She Glows” by Angela Liddon and “The Minimalist Baker” by Dana Shultz.  Just 2 of my favorites right now.  But… it is all about making it from scratch and being highly organized to do that.

We are in the age of millenniums, we are in the age of busy people with work life, kids, after school activities and more.  Sometimes we don’t have time to meal plan or be so organized that everything is ready to go in your fridge. Sometimes we just need a little convenience to help us during those fright nights when we only need to open a package pour out the sauce and add the vegetables.

British Columbia is the most vegetarian- friendly province with 13% of people identifying themselves as vegetarian or mostly vegetarian and 26% of people trying to eat less meat. With that in mind and knowing that it is going to climb in the next few years, DBD Catering is going to start producing some of our own favorite everyday vegan sauces that you can use everyday.

So stay tuned…We are getting ready with a new online website to sell all our customers favorites.