Terms of Contract

Terms of Contract

Terms and Conditions:
The estimate we have sent is only a quote and is non-contractual.

A booking policy of 25 % deposit of the total invoice is required to secure the date and our services.

Your day is not secured until DBD Food Services receives this money by credit card, by email transfer or a personal or business check. Only then is your day secured with us. Prices may change on your invoice due to market trends and prices at the time of your event date. We will do our best to inform you of price adjustments as soon as we can.

6 weeks prior to your event date we require an additional 25% deposit and the balance owing will be processed 7 days’ prior of the event unless another arrangement has been made.

Final number of people must be confirmed 7 days prior to event. If guest changes are made after the 7 days, DBD Food services can not guarantee amounts of food. Due to ordering needs and preparation of food additional charges may occur.

A 15% gratuity is automatically added to your invoice.

DBD Food Services will help you organize all rentals that are needed for your occasion in terms of contacting the rental company, reserving all your plate ware and glassware needs along with any additional items like linens & tables or etc. needed to help you with your event vision.
We will hold all items under a reservation with the rental company under your name and credit card. Rental fees are charged the day before the drop off the rentals.

DBD Food Services will add on a 15% surcharge to any rentals that we organize and book for the event or function.

DBD Food Services will supply food serving utensils, food warmers, and service trays and platters for all the food on the buffet table.

Responsibility of any rental equipment remains with the client from the time of pick up/delivery until the time of return/pick up.

Please be certain equipment is secured when not in use and protected from the weather.

DBD Food Services is not responsible to ensure all rentals of plate ware and glassware is put back in their crates at the end off the night. We make every effort to ensure 80% of all rentals are taken away and put back into the rental crates but it is up to the client of the end of the night to find and put away all rentals for the rental company to pick up on the designated pick up date and time.

Charges will be assessed for missing, broken or damaged items, as well as linens which are lost, torn, burned or soiled beyond cleaning. The full replacement value will be charged in addition to the rental charge incurred for usage.

All effort will be made to communicate any lost items for you to return back to the rental company. Any lost items not returned by you, the client, will then be charged on the credit card on file with the rental company.

All service hourly rates are $25.00 per hour and based on a 4 minimum. This does not include overtime, if staff exceed 8 hours per shift that cost will be included on the final invoice.
When servers are included in your package they are only on site for the dinner and dessert portion of your event. This is usually 4 hours. They are not responsible to stay till the end of the event unless you have hired them to the end of your event.

Bartending service hourly rates are $28.00 per hour, this does not include overtime, if staff exceed 8 hours per shift that cost will be included on the final invoice. Bartenders are not responsible for recycling of all empty bottles of liquor/beer/wine. It is up to the client to consider how they will dispose of this. DBD Food Services will do our best to organize all the full bottles back into their boxes and do our best to tidy what they can behind the bar area. It is up to the client to ensure all product is taken away and bar left clean and tidy, unless other arrangements have been made.

All Chefs are charged out at an hourly rate of $30.00. You are only charged a Chef fee when it comes to any carving station, omelet or crepe station as well as cake cutting fees will apply. All Cocktail Hour Reception which require a Chef on site, all hours they are on site will be charged out to the client.

Recycling and Garbage Removal:
DBD Food Service is not responsible for the removal of garbage or recycling from a venue. Should your venue contract state that all garbage and recycling must be removed from the venue at the end of the night this is your responsibility and not DBD’s. If you would like us to take of this there is a $100.00 charge to remove all garbage and recycling from the premises to be disposed of.

DBD Food Services can locate and hold venues for an event for a fee of 10% of the cost of the venue.
Clients will pay any deposits needed to hold the venue site until the event date.

Any other charges like cleaning fees, kitchen rental fees or other licenses will be the responsibility of the client.

DBD Food Services expects the kitchen and work areas of the rented site will be clean and free of any personal belonging, décor items etc. If it is not, we can not be responsible for anytime delays on the day of your event.

DBD Food Services will do our very best to leave the kitchen and working areas as clean as we were given it. What happens to those areas after we have left is not the responsibility of the caterers.

If liquor is being served the “Special Occasion Licenses” will have to be obtained by the host of the party not the catering company.

If DBD Food Services to asked to pick up liquor and mix for the bar. The final invoice may be adjusted to liquor pricing based on availability and price changes due to the BC Liquor Distribution Branch. Every effort will be made to find the same bottle price and brand but any price differences will be charged on the final billing.

There will also be a 25% service charge for DBD Food Services to organize and pick up any bar products.

Any unopened liquor will be returned by DBD Food Services and those credits will be applied to your final invoice.

Day of Event:
If we are asked to pick up any last-minute items i.e. water, other beverages or miscellaneous items, DBD Food Services will charge additional fees for this service. These last minute items will be added to the final invoice.

Cancellation Policy: if cancellation is prior to date of function you will forfeit your 25% deposit. With less than 7 days notice you may also be billed for all estimated costs or costs incurred, depending on situation.

DBD Food Services reserves the right to terminate or decline delivery to an event for site restrictions, dangers, or other concerns not previously disclosed. Full charges will apply if we are unable to gain access to site. In the event of cancellations due to extreme weather or acts of God, reimbursement will be at the discretion of DBD Food Services.

If you accept these terms and conditions, please sign and return by email to dbdfoodservices@gmail.com.

Accepted by Client: __________________________________

Acceptance Date: ___________________________________
If email transferring, please email to dbdfoodservices@gmail.com
If paying by cheque, please make payable to: DBD Food Services and mail to:
19941 44B Avenue, Langley BC, V3A 4V9
If paying by credit card, please complete the following information:

Visa or Master Card #: ___________________________________

Expiration Date of Card: ___________________________________

CVV # ___________________________________

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