Wedding Trends

Custom Wedding Details

The hottest trend right now is customization to create a truly personal wedding day. We’re seeing more weddings at the one venue- not reception/ceremony “all in one” function centers, like farms, large garden spaces, backyards and multi level venues. This extends to more unusual venues – art galleries, favorite café, warehouses, old barns or small winery. More and more couples are opting for blank slates they can truly customize to their own style and vision.

Low Key Soiree

In previous years the detail-heavy “blogworthy” wedding were weddings with lots of stuff..Cupcakes, tents, mason jars, bicycles covered in flowers. With so much wedding inspiration around on wedding blogs and Pinterest, engaged couples are starting to feel a certain amount of pressure to make sure they have the right stuff for their day – to make it look a certain way or have certain things. Couples are going to start to rebel and we will see more low key weddings – elopements, small family gathers, less pressure and less stuff. Weddings taking inspiration from nature and the natural elements around their chosen venue will dominate rather than adding lots and lots of extra things.

A Return to Elegance

Weddings are starting to return to a time of elegance. Weddings that will draw inspiration from old world glamour with cinematic and literacy influences like, Anna Karenina, Downtown Abby and other old world glamour. Things like decadent fabrics, ornate lace details, metallic’s, costume jewelry, and more formal receptions. This trend is already being reflected on red carpets and runways around the world.

Localized Weddings

As one year trends comes to a close another will emerge with vibrant ideas, new methods of entertaining guests and bits of eye candy that will set weddings apart as truly spectacular. These are the trends that will live on and become classic. As we are knee-deep in planning and prepping for marvelous weddings we look ahead to the localized wedding. You needn’t look too far past your hometown for preeminent wines, sea foods or fresh bounty from farmers or bakers. Caterers will see an increase of delectable menus that are thoughtful and sourced locally, showcasing the best of what’s to offer where their creativity can truly shine.

Couples can look to nearby family-run apple cideries for a fun approach to bubbly, to a regional winery to select a scrumptious blend to pair with dinner or work with a farmer or chef to personalized favorite food elements in an elevated light. The focus will be on quality, not quantity and a remarkable experience will arise!




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